A Boatload of Thanks goes out to Jason Reinert for coming and helping when we needed him the most. God surely sent him!! He also allowed Tommy to slowly come back to doing his job without making Tommys condition worse! Thanks Jason!! We are also grateful that Tommy is still with us!!



                      CHRISTIAN SORENSEN

Thanks to Christian for replacing the faucets on our main sink. We are all so grateful that he took the time to do that!! We LOVE the new faucets!!



Thanks to Chris Roberts for notching out a portion of the shelf so we can still use it with the new faucets.


Thanks to all who shoveled or helped during the many snow storms we had (so far). Especially, Aileen Logan, Mike Logan, Noreen Nicolo, Jason Reinert, Tommy Martin, Herb Keller, Julian, Elaine Potalivo and Father Jim.


Thanks to Mike Logan for insulating water pipes so they don’t freeze again. MOST of the pipes that froze NEVER EVER, (Well, in the 14 years I have been at Solly),  froze before, THATS how cold it was/is!!!


Thanks to Mike Logan for the temporary fix of Gypsys windows so the bitter, bitter cold couldn’t come in!


Thanks to Elaine Potalivo for buying a heating blanket for the sink. It keeps the sink from freezing solid. Kudos to Elaine for the good idea and also to her and Jeffrey Voice for blanketing the sink at night!!


Thanks to Chris Roberts for buying the Y connector for the hose. It is appreciated so much!!!


Thanks to Scottie!!! If it wasn’t for her quick thinking, the barn would have flooded!! Thank the Lord she came to the barn just in time!! Thanks also to Herb Keller & Mike Logan who came to help the night of the flood!!!!!!!


Thanks to Christian Sorensen who figured out why the pump in the floor stopped working. Thanks to Mike Logan who bought the part, and Christian Sorensen who installed it and viola!! Pump is back to normal!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to Caitlin Logan for taking over my mashing duties when I couldn’t do it. You da best!!!



Thanks to Herb Keller for plowing the barn!! What a wonderful guy!! Thanks to Mike Logan and Christian Sorensen for hand shoveling much needed parts the plow couldn’t reach. Thanks to Jeffery Voice for bringing a snow blower and clearing parking spots on the street and clearing spots on the property. All the effort is appreciated so much!!


Kudus anyone who takes the time to help make Solly a better place!


4H Starts on Saturday, April 26th at 10am (Our 5th Year!!!!)

Cost is $185.00 per child which includes a $35.00 4H fee. Details are in the downloadable brochure, or you can email aileen @ aileen14@comcast.net for more detailed information.


Barn Notes: Visiting times are 9am til dusk. Please do not visit after dusk or in the dark!!! We would prefer visitors NOT feed the horses, however, baby carrots or cut-up carrots can be put in the horses feed bins. NO HAND FEEDING!! NO APPLES OF ANY KIND. ONLY ONLY ONLY CARROTS!! ALSO Please adhere to signs stating that certain horses shouldn’t be fed. PLEASE!!!



Check out our facebook page to see tons of pictures from previous picnics and classes.


1140 Solly Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19111


Aileen Logan

Barn Manager/CEO of SSRA

Email: aileen@sollystables.com


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