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At this time, we are full. If any stalls open up, we will change this message. Thanks 


We feel strongly that all riders want and need to spend as much stress and drama free time with their horse as possible.


We promote an environment that allows all riders to do just that.


Come see for yourself!!

As of 9/1/2022

We currently have several stalls open.  $535 per month per stall.

  • Controlled cribbers and mares allowed.
  • Full-Care Facility with 10x10 stalls.

  • Larger stalls maybe available to accommodate draft horses for a higher board. Please call for details.
  • Direct access to Fairmont Park with hours of beautiful trails.
  • Daily turnout while stalls are cleaned, weather permitting.
  • Stalls cleaned daily with shavings.
  • Feeding:
    • Hay is timothy/meadow grass mixture and fed 4x daily. 
    • Grain is provided 2x daily. We have 5 types of grain to meet your horses needs.
    • We do NOT buy our hay on the open market. Our hay is grown for us by a farm.
We specialize in senior horses and the "first-time" horse owners because we are willing to work with you to meet you and your horses needs and educate you about equine needs and care.


Please email for details and pricing** (


ALL Boarders must follow the  rules and regulations set by Solly Stables Riders Association, SSRA, and Fairmount Park. Including, but not limited to, deworming (we follow a fecal program), vaccinations, quarantine protocols, trail permits, equipment storage, property maintenance (i.e. cleaning up any manure dropped by your horse), and etc.....


Please email for an appointment to tour our wonderful Barn!!


*New horses must be in quarantine for 2 weeks.*



Check out our facebook page to see tons of pictures from previous picnics and classes.


1140 Solly Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19111


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