Meet our lesson horses!





“First Down Feathers” aka TT (Too Tall), is a 15 y/o, 17.1 hand, Quarter Horse Appendix gelding. He is a calm and sensible lesson horse with the gentleness of a kitten. He was used as a barrel horse for a short time but now loves the leisurely life of a trail horse and being loved on by all the kids and his leasers. Here he is dressed as Epona from Zelda.





Buzz Saw is an 18 y/o 15.3 hand, Spotted Saddlebred gelding. He is in charge of teaching the kids the proper way to lead a horse (no riding Buzzy). He is gorgeous to say the least! Here he is dressed as Pegasus!!!







"DD Touch Me Not" aka MiMi, is a 13 y/o, 15 hand, grumpy (but lovable) Ranger bred/Appaloosa mare. She will do anything you ask, as long as you are firm in the asking. She will teach you not to take your attention away while riding, which is essential! Here she is dressed as a Crab!!!! Very appropriate!! :)





KeKe is our newest lesson horse. She is a 12 y/o 15.3 hand mare. She has a kind, gentle soul, and will help you learn to ride. Here she is dressed as Wonder Woman!





Pixie is our smallest lesson horse, but by NO means least!! He is a 28+ y/o Shetland pony. Very lovable and great with kids. He will stand and let everyone groom/fuss over him for as long as they want. Everyone loves Pixie!! Here he is dressed as a Phillies fan!!





Bubba is an awesome all-around good horse. He is an 18 y/o, 16 hand Varnish Appaloosa gelding. Very gentle and loving. He will go a long way in helping you learn to ride. Here he is dressed as Superman!


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