Northeast 4H Club

(Recreational English Pleasure)


Enrollment for the

Fall Session is open.


The Fall Session starts Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 10am.


Please download the brochure using the link on this page and mail in with a deposit.

Thank You!




The Summer session is centered around Basic Equine Care and Control. This session is more in-depth about grooming, handling, and anatomy. The Summer months are usually too hot to ride, so riding may not be an option on most of the Saturdays. This class is essential for learning about the responsibility of caring for a horse.


The Spring and Fall sessions are centered around Basic Horsemanship Skills. Each student will learn the basic skills of grooming handling, riding, and Equine anatomy. Four out of the six Saturdays they will be riding.


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Adult Private Lessons

We offer adult lessons! Please email us for more information, dates and times.



Private Lessons: Beginner Recreational English/Western:
$50 per 1 hr Private lesson
$45 group lesson (max 3 riders (NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE))1 hr
$35 per 1/2 hr Private lesson




Check out our facebook page to see tons of pictures from previous picnics and classes.


1140 Solly Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19111


Tara Keller

Barn Manager



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